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Dr. Sandeep Inchanalkar

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DR/SIR, SANDIP INCHANALKAR, I master Prasanna Matiwade's dad heartily thank u. Today 08/05/2016 is one year of my kids operation. U operated very confidently. Ur confident words made us strong to go for operation. Any parents irrespective of qualification finance, love n affection towards kids is always dominant. Every parent loves cares more than owns life. Kids must be more successful live long grow healthy is intention. I myself is very ambitious towards my kids. Its divine blessing I met u at siddhagiri. Money is must but life, kids future is invaluable. Ur 200% words gave confidence relaxed my worry n freed my mind to take decision. I hand overed my kid to u with ur confidence. U operated more than four hours n after coming out with confident smile u said operation is successful break my patience n eyes made way to my internal emotions. We all were eagorously waiting curiously watching door. My son is very nice perfect wt d blessings of supreme. I, with my family thank u lot n wish u every success in ur every endeavor. The supreme almighty bless u always n give u lot name n fame by ur dedicated, devoted and hard profession. Thank You once again u r always in our memory.


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