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Dr. Sandeep Inchanalkar

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Karnataka Aarogya Yojana

We are happy to announce that “ Karnataka Aarogya Yojana “, now started in Life Line Trauma , Brain & Spine centre Kolhapur.

This Yojana is very useful to Karnataka state people, who wants to receive quality treatment for Brain & Spine disease. Recently the first case was successfully done in Life Line Trauma, Brain & Spine centre by Dr. Sandeep Inchanalkar ( Neurosurgeon).

She was 60 Yr old lady, resident of Nippani, Tal- Chikodi, Dis- Belgaum. She was operated for Meningioma (Brain Tumor) excision with cranioplasty.( completely free of cost).

We announce the successful beginning of Karnataka Aarogya Yojana at Life Line Trauma, Brain & Spine Centre. And people from Nippani, Chikodi, Belgaum, Gokak, and nearby areas are now open for latest and best treatment for brain & spine disease.

For any other enquiry –

Name :Mrs Ankita Harshe (co-ordinator)

Contact No : 0231-2328886/87 Mobile No : 9421943434

Address : Opp. Shahu Dayanand High school, Near Bhakti Pooja Nagar, jaiprabha studio Road, Renuka Chowk, Kolhapur- 416007

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